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MarinePakistan.Org (Shipping / Freight Logistics / Transportation Lawyers, Marine & Cargo Surveyors, Marine Minerals & Mining Geologists and Corporate Counselors Pertains to Regional & Long Distance Industry Sectors).

The Marine & Transit Claims Back Channel Diplomats
MarinePakistan.Org Shipping Lawyers “Overlooking Runways to Airports & Coasts to Coasts”.
International Maritime, Ports & Shipping laws, Arbitration and Commercial Resolution Attorneys
Cross border Trade / Asset Recovery, Consolidators & Groupage, Hull and Machinery Advocates.
The Freight Forwarding, Contract lead logistics & Customs Broker Manifest Standing & Legislative Counsels.
Mergers & Acquisitions, Transportation Consulting, Integration Value Chains Industry Vertical/Horizontal Oil & Gas
The Industry Tutorial — Supply/Freight/Green Reverse Logistics Chains, Sustainability & Environmental Technology.

In recent years, Marine Pakistan have served leading travel, transport, and logistics corporations in projects around the world. The practice includes more than 40 partners and several hundred consultants with a broad spectrum of experience and expertise. We also rely on the practical experience of our project teams to develop new concepts and consulting approaches.

At the same time, our practice members continue to expand our specialist capabilities and expertise into a global network of researchers supporting our consultants. These specialists help our teams in their search for information, generating industry perspectives and corporate analyses. In addition, a team of modeling experts and systems analysts works on developing complex mathematical models for tasks such as optimizing networks.

Our clients range from local and long-distance public transport companies to leisure travel groups and logistics service providers. While each client's company is unique, all depend on physical networks to cover distances. Spurred by globalization, these logistics networks have advanced to span the world. This capital-intensive industry encompasses means of transport, platforms, ports, warehouses, and airports. Only companies that manage to optimally combine and utilize these assets have a fair chance of surviving the tough competition with providers from the same or related industries and helping to shape tomorrow's flow of goods.

Trade and Cargo can create issues anywhere in the world for importers/exporters, transportation companies, insurers, and government agencies.In conjunction with trade and professional associations, Marine Pakistan have ongoing relationships and coordinate with local counsel and surveyors to investigate and settle claims, mitigate penalties, provide expert advice and litigate, when necessary.

Inamullah Ansari has fingers in both pies of mature industries as his family marine salvage business i.e. Shipping laws & gravitated into Marine sciences as a Marine Geologist with Chemical Mineralogical Mining & Minerals Concessions of law-gical diversity rules for responsible & responsive management of environmental technology conversations.

Licensed Shipping lawyer since-1999 and Marine Geologist where his dissertation addressed environmental constraints for development of offshore production & Principal Legislative Drafter with 22 years of business and mining experience in Pakistan. 

Contemporary Jurisprudence & International law of the Sea & Ocean Affairs with straight interaction in the Seafloor /  Subsea / Deep & Ultra-Deepsea Interventions.

Adjudicating disputes arising out of the interpretations & applications on the convention under the Maritime domain of neglect cases along with the code of violations for contentious & non—contentious matters:
Military & Civil Maritime Airborne Reconnaissance & Surveillance / Anti—piracy & Drug interdiction operations / Coastal landforms / Marine geosciences / Nearshores & Continental Shelves including Beaches / Lease Mining / Shipper's Supply & Logistics Chains / Transportation / Freight Forwarders liability, demurrage & defense / Protection & Indemnity / Credit-Political-Financial risks / Insurance / Customs / Foreclosures & Vessel arrests & Attachments Strategic Counsels, Arbitrators & High/Supreme Courts Advocates in Pakistan & UAE.

Our witty adjunct faculty correspondents & associate courts attorneys are available too in full swing in Court/Board/Screening rooms with the Art of Drafting, Pleadings & Conveyancing for Commercial @ the right time & the ability to manage & proactively address the risks control, Mitigation, Asset & Sovereign debt Integrity Management (A Roaring Business).

Aviation / Motoring / Road Freight / Trucking / Regional & long distance Industry sectors, negotiates and lobbies all levels of government on behalf of members.

Maritime / Trade / Transportation Practice Serving Forwarders / Brokers / Carriers / Vessel & Cargo Interests:
Logistics is a very intense & demanding business. With today's economy, the stakes have never been higher, with competitors continually attempting to acquire more market share. This makes the need for strategic business knowledge and professional advice a primary consideration for continued success and growth, wherein we need to be intimately familiar with the business of logistics, transportation and international trade – with a demonstrated legal record within the industry and the business acumen necessary to make the appropriate legal decisions.

Our legal practice services the logistics and transportation sectors on the business development front as opposed to Court Litigation & Dispute Resolution. As such, we look to provide pertinent legal direction & support with Commercial transactions, Contracts, including the formation of Joint ventures, Partnerships, the Acquisition, Sale of businesses, Negotiations on cross—border, International trade arrangements and the Drafting the Commercial Contracts. 

The rising cost of fuel, a maze of growing regulations, environmental concerns & the industry—altering impact of new technologies & it is no surprise that transportation companies face significant challenges.

Our Transport Practice is an integral part of this dynamic sector in Pakistan & UAE. The Practice has been developed to cater for the needs of clients who require a global legal perspective with a strong understanding and appreciation of the specific requirements of local and regional law.

Our expertise:
Shipping & Ports
Rail & Public Transport
Air Transportation & Travel
Postal, Express & Parcel Services

We advise domestic and international clients across all major sectors of Transportation, including:
Natural Gas Transmission

Document services and legalization for Domestic and international import of goodsMany countries throughout the world require document legalization as a function of the export process. Documents must first be legalized in order for goods to be permitted into these countries. Following the legalization procedure will minimize your export hassles and allow your particular goods access into these countries without delays or fines. 

Documents should be legalized only by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate, Chamber of Commerce, or Document Service provider, typically located in any major city or port. Of course, document legalization is a service that generally entails a fee. Please check with the Consulate or Service Provider you have chosen to determine the exact fees for your shipment. Required documents and fee schedules may differ according to commodity type.It is important to ensure all your documents are in order before a shipment is en route or arrives at its destination, to avoid incurring delays or fines.

Shipping documentation:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Power of Attorney
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Import Declaration Form
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration

Customs brokerage is an extremely important yet often overlooked function in the international trade. Failure to comply with the numerous customs and trade regulations can result in customs audits, assessment of penalties, higher tariffs, customs audits or the cargo being confiscated.

The Freight specializes in helping clients to sort through this labyrinth of regulations. Our specially trained staff is working closely with our customers to help them avoid costly penalties and delays. Yet at the same time we enable them to take full advantage of the benefits offered through various free trade agreements and other revenue favorable programs such as GSP, free trade zones, bonded warehouses, tax exemptions, duty drawback, etc.

We also apply for our customers various licenses issued by government agencies such as Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Communications, etc.

Our interface with customs and know-how with trade regulations allows us to streamline the movement of your cargo and further reduce your overall cycle time.
Core Services:


  • Duty Drawback
  • Duty Appraisal
  • Customs System
  • Carnet ATA Clearances
  • Tariff Classification
  • Customs Duties Refund
  • Import / Export Customs
  • Temporary Import / Re-Export
  • Consultation on Harmonized
  • Carnet de Passage Clearances

  • Value Added Services:
  • Consultation on Quotas
  • Application of Licenses
  • Consultation on Trade Licenses

Customs & Regulatory:

Government Solutions

  • Ocean Regulatory Services
  • Customs Warehouse Management
  • Declaration and Fiscal Compliance
  • Cargo Security Compliance (Security Filings)
  • Support Enablement: CSA, CTPAT, EU Green Lanes

Cargo Logistics International Consultancy!Inbound logisitics/Air Freight/Import & Export Cargo/Freight forwarders Customs Clearance.
Cargo Logistics International Consultancy offer complete clearance services designed to meet your individual requirements including:In-Bond WarehousingI.T. (In Transit Bond)FTZ (Free Trade Zones)Destination ClearancesI.E. (Immediate Export)Formal and Informal entriesT & E (Transportation & Export)Automated Tariff ClassificationT.I.B. (Temporary Importation Bond)GSP Entries (Generalized System of Preferences)

We also counsel financial institutions, leasing companies, and other businesses in connection with domestic and international, single—investor and syndicated, leveraged and investment—grade loans, leveraged and single—investor leases, purchases and sales of assets, transportation contracts, and similar matters.

We are pleased to introduce our special practices where our Witty Adjunct Faculty Correspondents & Associate Courts Attorneys are available too in full swing in Courtrooms, Boardrooms & Screening Rooms with The Art of Drafting, Pleadings & Conveyancing Advocacy & Professional Ethics for Commercial Risk Control, Pre-Litigate Claims & Debt Collection (A Roaring Business).

We are tackling your problems head on for key cases and other developments within dedicated Business Litigation Sessions and related Courts throughout both Countries; including Arbitration clauses and the often overlooked implications of whether and how to Arbitrate.

Our Arbitration expertise extends to all types of disputes & industries with specialists in Finance, Commodities & Shipping Arbitration all working closely together to prevent & resolve Clients problems. 

We are dedicated to providing Litigation and Counseling services in complex and sophisticated matters, whether as lead or local Counsel, according to the highest ethical and professional standards.
•Corporate Strategy
•Freight Negotiations
•Freight Management
•Logistics Optimization
•Supply Chain Management
•Sales & Operations Planning
•Transportation Management
•Supply Chain Training & Strategy
•Freight Cost Reduction Management
•Freight Rate and Cost Bench-marking
•Transportation Logistics Savings Analysis

We are able to provide legal services, including research, advice and opinions on all aspects relevant to our client industries from cargo claims, employment matters, asset leasing, finance to asset sale and purchase deals.

Our Expertise:
We are regularly required to support clients from these industries in the areas of:
•Dispute resolution
•Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide comprehensive expertise in the following areas:
•Air Transportation
•Rail Transportation
•Trade and Customs
•Truck Transportation
•Maritime Transportation
•Logistics and Inter-modal
•Bus Passenger Transportation

Our team is well versed in:
•Labor Negotiation
•Government Relations
•Regulatory Compliance
•Visas, Immigration Planning
•White Collar and Investigations
•Supply Chain Safety and Security
•Transportation Infrastructure Finance

Maritime/Trade/Transportation Practice Serving Forwarders/Brokers/Carriers/Vessel & Cargo Interests.

Maritime / Long shore:,Cargo, Casualty, Jones Act & Maritime Commerce:
We are one of the few firms with expertise in Maritime law including Vessel seizures, Cargo claims, Jones Act defense & Recreational Craft accidents. The firm’s specialists have extensive experience drafting Charters, Leases & other Maritime Commerce Commercial Contracts.

Long shore:
We have been one of the leading firms defending long shore claims since the 1999. The firm specializes in all aspects of these cases, from time of injury through appeal.

We have built a national & international reputation for providing exceptional representation in a wide range of litigation practice areas & industries.

In our professional liability work we have achieved positive results through our vigorous Advocacy for Attorneys in malpractice Suits. We also successfully helped clients in Plaintiff/Personal injury & Motor Vehicle injury cases.

A Maritime lawyer works as part of a legal system known as Admiralty law, which deals with the vehicles, people, companies & business transactions that take place in territorial & international waters. In this capacity, maritime lawyers represent the interests of ocean—related commerce. 

This involves professions such as seamen, longshoremen, yacht brokers, marine suppliers & any other operator whose work takes place in the ocean.

Maritime Arbitration is an alternative means of handling conflicts including shipping disputes outside of the court system. In general, arbitration serves as a key tool to help various parties come to an agreement without litigating or using the judicial system. In arbitration, the parties to a conflict agree to hire a third party to provide an impartial opinion which may be the final word on something that has the potential to become a thorny & protracted legal battle.

The Jones Act is the everyday name for Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (46 U.S.C. 883; 19 CFR 4.80 and 4.80b).

Container, Shipping & Freight Forwarders Transportation law!

The classic statement of the capacity of the forwarding agent is found in the judgment of the Justice Rowlatt in Jones v European and General Express Company Ltd (1920) 25 Com.Cas. 296 @ p. 298:

“It must be clearly understood that a forwarding agent is not a carrier; he does not obtain the possession of the goods; he does not undertake the delivery of them at the other end unless prevented by some excepted cause of loss or something which affords an excuse. All that he does is to act as agent for the owner of the goods to make arrangements with the people who carry – the steamships, railways, and so on – and to make arrangements so far as they are necessary for the intermediate steps between the ship and the rail, the Customs or anything else”.

As Schmitthoff succinctly stated in Schmitthoff’s Export Trade, 8th ed. (1986) at p. 249:

“A forwarder may act as principal or as an agent. Historically, forwarders acted as agents on behalf of their customers but the practice has changed and in modern circumstances they often carry out other services, such as packing, warehousing, cartage, lighter age, insurance, or, in container transport, the group age or consolidation of parcels of various customers into one container. It follows that, in law, they qualify more often as principals than as agents. Nevertheless, it has to be ascertained in every individual case in which legal capacity the forwarder acted. The answer depends on the construction of the contract between the forwarder and his customer and the facts of the case”.

Our Suite Of Logistics Services Includes:
Risk assessment
Freight Billing issues
Trucking accident litigation
Cargo claims evaluation and litigation
Transportation Brokerage legal consultation

Services Provided:
- OGA 
- Duty Drawback
- Binding Rulings
- Customs Clearance
- Reconciliation Entries
- Classification Review
- Importer Security Filing

The focus of this information is general in nature, and is not intended to be an exhaustive review of the law, nor should it be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice. If in doubt, you should always seek the advice of a Solicitor with sound experience in Transportation law.

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Contact Person:
Inamullah Ansari
Inamullah Ansari (Principal)
+923332244634 / +923002176393
Trial Lawyer. Not Settlement Lawyer.
(Shipping Advocate / Marine Geologist / Back Channel Diplomat)
International Litigation, Foreign Investment Adviser & Arbitration Attorney
Legislative Drafter & Partner for Shipping Lines Resilience (Helping Business Bounce Back in Tough Times).
Life Member of International Lawyers Network, 555 12th Street Northwest, Washington D.C. USA.
Global Outreach on Shipping, Offshore Technology, Subsea Interventions, Energy, Natural Resources & Marine Industries.

Our Constituted Shipping Courts of Arbitration and Dispute (Contentious Jurisdictions & Legal questions i.e. Advisory Jurisdictions) Resolutions (Seabed & Ad Hoc of the Seabed / Deepsea) / Subsea Marine Mining / Environment / Fisheries / Maritime Delimitation (concerning of the boundaries b/w Ocean to Ocean & Coast to Coast) Consulting & Special Chambers for Summary Procedures; having large conference room facilities are available to comfortably accommodate multi—party arrangements and straight to & from Airport, hotel, parking & dining services are all directly adjacent to the conveniently located Corporate Headquarters Driving Directions @ link Road Main Shahrah—e—Faisal, Karachi—Pakistan.

Our brand new back—office operations which is going through now & then onward @ Old Ralli Brothers Building, Talpur Road, Karachi—74200; Pakistan.

“We are not working for Clients we are working with the Clients to come up with flexible fee arrangements & enhance trust and communications in each of our locations including with creative alternatives to Court/Board/Screening Rooms".

However, whenever, wherever & for forever you are awesome to contact & join our forum & we wish you good luck with endeavors; "we teach people what we most need to learn"; therefore, The Search Is Over.

So enough is said & done, thank you but no thanks we must avail regular chit—chats with additional options & re—engineer passion, intimacy, commitment & knowledge.
Contact Number:
+923332244634 / +923002176393.

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